The New World?

he we go round the mulberry bush
or is it the May pole, or a rotary
or a giant fuckin circle
whatever it is, it will not change
just the same shit over, and over again.

c`mon, tell me I am wrong…
I am waiting, prove it to me that
peace has come over the land
and all can be trusted, with
open hearts and souls…
ugh, no… I don’t see it

the world sucks as we know it
the good, the bad, the I don’t cares
the peace nicks, the war sluts,
the Masonite’s, the Abolitionists.
the saviors of the human race…

don’t exist, only we do
and we are not doing such a good job

just sayin…


4 responses to “The New World?

  1. So – I am sitting here, wearing your heating pad and puzzling over this one…

    It would seem to be a somewhat misanthropic piece – I think I’ll sip more tea and send out some feverish hopes for the betterment of the human race.
    (failing that I will add some whiskey to the tea and go window shopping at Ikea – i’m told that it is ‘Swedish’ for ‘common sense’ – maybe I will find some on sale?)


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