It Is Time

every time you cry for him I hold you as close as I can
and love you until you can breathe again and see the light to share
between my eyes and between your eyes oh the tears so ran
to the point that they swell like beetles, no one but us does care

fear not my lover, never fear the angst of letting go
of course it shall hurt but the pain can always be absolved
once you come to grips with this he will run his own show
a promise made and yet one kept but also one resolved

so turn the cheek, look far beyond the place where they all lied
and for those of them that have before replace the place they stayed
they can feel for themselves the tears that one must have surely cried
when he had the one to love but the move he was to afraid

abuse is done, the truth it hurts, and mental is the game
for his game is lame, and ours is strong, and forever is our name


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