OK I must be getting old…

I just talked to someone that read my last post as his `bathroom read’ for tonight.
Jeezzz, thanks for being honest but really?
You take my shit into the bathroom and read it?
*Cracking up*
Too much…


10 responses to “OK I must be getting old…

  1. Umm – don’t you have that reversed a bit?

    If someone is reading you in the bathroom I don’t think it is your shit they are taking dear…

    It could be worse you know – I know someone who does crossword puzzles.

    Gives a different meaning to sitting and thinking really.

    (and yes – there are rhymes to be had above but that doesn’t mean I will be making use of them anytime soon)

    Love you,

  2. Think of your words as great fiber?

    Or better yet, think of your poetry as being in good company. Of course, not company with what’s being flushed, but with whose else get my iScreen during the very few seconds I have to spare of each day. Yours and hers get my few last quiet moments and ought never be silenced.

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