Excuse me but…

Ok, what do I say, there are a few things that have pissed me off recently.
No, love it is nothing you have done so please do not go and blame yourself for any of it, and yet
it has to do with you and all around you… and you know of which I speak.
So, I have written a few poems about my feelings, as any of you know I do not tend to hold back on my words or my emotions, but I have been asked not to publish because of someones feelings. Excuse me but do I really give a shit what someone is going to think? I that why I am writing here? Ugh no, my call is `iwrit4me’ not `iwrit4 what someone else thinks’ If I was doing that then there would have been a lot of things that never got said, I say what I mean, if I hurt someone then they should not read my shit. If they agree then let them say so, if they don’t want to they don’t have to, whatever, I just don’t care. But, I will tell you this, I don’t like it when someone close to me gets hurt by someone else’s stupidity, or ignorance, or games that are played. I have no time, not patience for that shit. Go play elsewhere and leave my people alone!
So, did I tell y`all I broke a toe? yup, actually it fit into `Me and Bobby McGee”
I broke a toe in Buffalo, while headed for a plane
feelin nearly faded as my jeans…

anyway, i do want to publish what I wrote, but with respect to who I showed it to I shall wait for that persons decision

or should I ask you what to do… a survey maybe?

Should I publish when asked not to?


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