And It Begins

a heart never replaces a love
a sentiment that can not leave
a joy that was once had, so true
is gone, tears take off where the joy
once was, the hole in the heart is huge
it grows bigger and bigger every day
the thoughts to live just fade away
the death sequence begins, again
each day becomes harder than the next
her thoughts never leave your mind
the ability to do anything become harder
and harder, while the desire disappears
to keep on.

what happens next is always of disbelief
a knock on the door, a bump on a train
a step on your foot, a reading of a blog
but there is a look, a feeling, a click
some where in the mind and even though
there is no thought of anything there is
communication, a hello, a slight word
that doesn’t spark an interest but
a talk to begin happens on that day,
pain still remains, will never go away
but it begins ever so slightly to move to the side
so that new talks can begin

what comes next is a scab begins to grow
for both of you for you both needed it so
the talks get deeper, more pains are released
hours and hours of discussions pass and yet
there is more to say, you both open wide
you souls are released, you rely on each other
to talk and talk and talk with a massive communique
it doesn’t stop, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,
lovers, friends, habits known to one and wants to be understood
by the other, and then it gets hinted upon, I know this feeling
you have never really felt it but you will…

and it begins…

the meetings of the minds gets introduced to the
meeting of the bodies, known immediately that this is
real, been felt before, I know who you are I have been here
before, every inch is familiar, every kiss remembered from
an earlier time, two lost souls have returned to where once
they had layed there are things between the two that can not
be achieved but they both know that they will, no one is worried
they are in love, so sweet, so desirable, so comforting…

yes, a heart never replaces a love with another
like a dog that has moved on to the other side
no, the love is always there, the heart still feels it
but the former finds a way to move aside
but is never forgotten, ever she will always be there
but a love a new has found its home
in a heart that was so blue
thank you baby, for being so true


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