The Show Never Stops

oh yea, we had a headache today
and also a luncheon meeting
a new project being proposed
and, of course, he was a half hour late

so while I’m waiting, the waitress was fine
she brought me a paper to fill up my time
a slam, a bam, a wicked little twitch
a seizure hits my right arm, man what a bitch

I get up and ask for directions to the loo
not that far the first door to the left for you
I go in there and close the door real fine
and put my arm out can’t let it incline

I push my palm up, flat against a wall
to stop to muscles from seizing I also stand tall
it pauses at my wrist, while others muscles are seizing
I got it to stop within three minutes, how pleasing

Back out to the table, hand and arm are dead
He shows up for the meeting, have him butter my bread
We talk and eat discuss different angles
It is going so well no run ins with tangles

We agree on the next meet and how it should go
I get a ride home with lamps don’t cha know
I get inside and just to chill for a while
end up napping not knowing that I’ll

be woken by another seizure 2 for the day
jump out of bed and head for the wall again say
do the same trick with the arm and the hand
it stops quickly but I’m feeling bland

I’ll be down for three days, recovery time for me
I hope everyone’s patient as each day you will see
Improvement for sure but I will be still slow
at least I will be strong enough to go

patient, yea right, I just got a call from the studio
there is a session tonight, from 9 until 5
so where’s my socks to hell with my hair
here we go again baby I’ve just got to be there

…the show never stops


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