Different Thoughts

Here is another oldish one, started about two months ago and finished tonight.

how many people can be hurt today
can I shock them into saying that i should go away
or can I beat the doors so hard that it has been led a stray

friends, friends what good am I to them
I don’t know them, never wanted them, they could just be phlegm
even if they are to be the friend of the femme

I shit on myself for the things that I say
I read so much into I spit it out like hay
and where do I have the right to even think I can play

everyone else can eat it and die
I care not about them, this is no lie
so pull up the reins and let the dust fly

I am a misanthrope and you are my lady
I will do anything and I love to call you Baby
I want to be with you at least til I am eighty

I want a family to honor and raise
we can all walk around wearing silly berets
let them try to stop us there will be hell to pay

how many people can be hurt today
the ones that I ask to just go away
and not be a part of my last assay

and you, are my gem among gems
lets live in a house they can not condemn
and float it inside the canal of Schlemm


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