I Lied Today

This was written a while ago and I just wanted to get it out of my draft pile…

I’m fragile
this sucks and I am fuckin fragile
I am trying to get a new life
I want it so bad
and what happens today
I see the wife that I want to leave
and I lie
about a doorknob
I was going to get a new one
I forgot
and I lied
made up some story about how
solid it looked
what a great job she did putting it
back together, in other words
I lied
now I feel like shit because I lied
sent her an email explaining that
I actually did forget about it
that does not make me feel any better
in fact it make me feel worse
I don’t want to lie anymore
why do I always lie to her
what is the deal that makes me do this
what is it about her that says
make it up and it better be good
or else
get the fuck outta here
well, I am trying to do that
I am trying to leave
why can’t I just clear my brain and
be gone…


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