OMG it’s working
the plan, its friggin workin
she called tonight from the road
and the word she used was “friends”
not husband, or Al, or Lover, or
anything that describes two together
for so long, she described us as
OMG did she just answer all of my
questions in one word,
did she just tell me what I was so
longing to hear,
can this really be true, is she seeing
it too,
GDI I believe it to be true
it was the way she said it
nonchalant, like… that was it
like, yea babe, I get it,
like I feel it is better for both of us
if we can do it the friends way,
and not put ourselves through
a divorce hell, lets just split as
Oh shit people,
pray for me that this is true
let us just be friends
and say goodnight to all else
and leave us be to live our lives as


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