Forget the Old Whores

I sat in fear of the doe to the dear
to the wonders of this world
nobody knows of these fears
as I kick ass to anyone that told

just keep myself to your self
I don’t like to share with those
that can’t see beyond their faces
and can’t realize that they have been scold

internal to external feelings do abold
and send Socrates back to where he came
I will follow him and see what I am told
if the future brings futures or if it brings maim

just let me be alone or with you for a score
adjust the green lanterns make them bright with their light
take the pleasures, the fears, forget the old whores
and just let me go on my pleasure pain flight


One response to “Forget the Old Whores

  1. I was asked about this one, it is an emotional roller coaster for me, I have found fears in my last relationship that I never knew were there. For so many years they hid so well, and so did I, nobody needed to know who I was and I made sure that was the case. I am not a people fan, have never been but I am a believer in the future, be it good or bad, one never knows. The green lanterns, ugh…? 🙂 but I am on my flight of pleasure and pain as we speak. Glad to be alone even though it hurts like hell…

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