My Desires of You

woke up late
you were gone
need to mate
you with a song
should I masturbate
to your thong
or just dream of you
while your gone

the dream thing
is always nice
I get to sing
and do it twice
a dream of swing
I pushed to entice
to screw in an igloo
made of clear ice

whats to say
lets go away
to some cafe
watch a ballet
oh I daresay
it must be May
for it is foreplay
that makes me stay

I dream again
of you tonight
with all your men
that have taken flight
with you as an r n
as I do invite
my nurse to join me
in my bed overnight

oh the dreams of life
I can create
with you as a midwife
you bend to elate
I deal with my strife
as I pulsate
through and through
with my ultimate
desires of you


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