Pass The Cacao

the sparks will fly through the sky tonight
drops so hard they feel like shrapnel upon my skin
with such wonders as the cons flight in blight
I just can’t tell where it stops and where it begins

the sheets of white that glow on the horizon
the pounding on the window pane
the bolts that shoot across the locks of my dungeon
my vote is to abstain from creating that bloodstain

take me back to feign the disdain of that floodplain
show me your foreskin grin of your love-in
that it reins to the plane that love along the Seine
or twists you therein the skin of her twin

the ankle hurts most from the last fall of the night
no big thing since I feel so little to begin
with the plop that drop the feeling from alright
to the one that says to create a sin

forget the fathers brothers sisters and monks
there is no saving us now
the sky is falling in chunks like adjuncts
so please, pass the cacao

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