Another step

a walk alone I took last night just to see if I could
I got to the door and stepped outside and didn’t think I should
so I stopped, took a breadth and stepped out

you, I said, as a kid you used to own the city
would roam the darkest corners where the world had no pity
but now you were leery what was this all about

I am old, I am tired, I am alone and I am fired
up to see what I can do, what lessons have I acquired
in my recovery from clot, stroke, paralysis rout

into the dark I walked from street lamp to the next
looking over my shoulder to see if I was hexed
or was it my weakness in sight that was making me doubt

I started to relax as I walked past the stores
down another street I wanted it darker some more
some balls were coming back to me I am not that worn out

granted, I am walking but I am not all so sprout
but I am out there, there’s not a chance I am about to give in
It is my new life I am about to begin!

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