So tell me, how many of you out there have ever had a seizure while getting out of the shower? That’s what hit me yesterday,now granted mine are not full body, grande mal types, but it is still a seizure. One minute I am singing in the shower, I step out, grab the towel, tune still in my head, start to wipe down and boom! Thar she blows! 1’st hit in the shoulder just along side the collar bone. I stop and think, uhhh, and then another hit. I drop the towel and reach into the cabinet for some meds, by this time my arm is starting to flail, I take the meds, pick up the towel and try to continue drying… no use I am into it. I then walked out of the bathroom and put my right hand on the wall, straighten my arm out as much as possible (not easy to do btw) and hold my right hand down flat and wait. With my seizures my muscles tighten and loosen, tighten and loosen, tighten and loosen so fast it is like watching Aliens crawl through the inside of my body. The point of the hand on the wall is I always try to stay a muscle group ahead of it, and the last place it goes to is my right hand so by holding it back it blocks it from completing its cycle and starts to subside. I used to try to hold my hand back by going just under my fingers and pushing my hand back towards my wrist but I have found the wall thing works better. Now it takes me approx. three days to fully recover and then… life goes on…
If you have any comments I would love to hear them since I never really talk to others that go through shit like this, speak up and lets chat this one out!


5 responses to “Seizures

  1. Last seizure I had started in my sleep – I woke just as the head storm hit. It was a grand mal and I had about three seconds notice.

    There is a sensation I get of being pulled inside out through my throat – like my whole body becomes a viscous fluid mass that can be stretched like silly putty and pulled down and inside out – I see the hole from inside when the feeling hits like my eyes have been reversed and can look inside rather than out.

    Then static hits – I call it the lightning storm.

    My skin is on fire because I am inside out and the lightning is flashing like a strobe light – I can’t see anything that makes sense and if I do it look like cartoons in blinks moving like stop motion animation out of sync.

    I always taste metal – I don’t realize it until I come out – and then I can taste it.

    There is a buzzing – like touching a live wire – but it is everywhere at the same time.


  2. I’ve only hit the “live wire” stage once, that was during my worst seizure. Electrical storm indeed… I am a electrical technician and have been thrown a few time across a room, but the shocks received during the seizure were much harder to handle. Never been turned inside out though, a phenom that I will not be looking forward to, and yes on the metal taste too…
    Thanks for sharing L. my heart and soul are yours…

  3. I have grand mal seizures, thought most are not. I feel it coming on, (how, it’s hard to explain), I have just enough time to lay down on the floor. Then the left side of my body starts shaking uncontrobably (mostly my arm). These only last around 30 seconds, but I ususally have at least 2 in a row.

    • As I said, I have never had grand mal seizures, mine are due to an AVM on my left side of my brain the arteries never formed into capillaries. My seizures used to be on my right side, and I would feel them coming on. The righr foot would go numb, then my leg, then my stomach muscles would start the “twitch” and it would move up from there. I also used to believe that lying down was good for me, I do no longer, I try to stay a muscle group ahead of it and see if I can “talk” it into stopping.
      I am so glad you wrote, thank you for sharing your experiences with me, and I hope to hear from you more.

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