the world its changes the wonders of the lamb
all come forth to see if it can

is the spirit of the sea calm against the wind
or has it gone and blown over again

the wonderment of it all Venus eclips the sun
or is the bitch just wondering to where she can have her fun

hear my life, my moon, my stars
all the while insisting that I crave to be too far

so hear ye, so hear ye, come to the plaza town
when you do just remove that horrid ugly frown

we are of life, liberty and song unto thee
as we go and hide underneath that golden tree

of moonlight that sways beneath the breeze
with cloth, bread and that wonderful cheese

I take of you whole, I dream of you near
just dream so much more and let go of your fear

so run away, run away, run away home
it is far better than buried in that tomb


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