OMG I could so kiss you right now
soft kiss
hard kiss
french kiss
any kiss
just want your lips on mine
our tongues dancing with each other
inside their hallowed halls
tapping, touching, laughing oh so hard
I just need to kiss you baby
I need to feel your lips upon mine
I want to feel that soft sensuous feeling
that travels through my groin
I want to hold you, tight through the night
and kiss you come the morn
and kiss you, and kiss you, and kiss you, and kiss you
guiding my lips upon yours
your upper lip, I could lick
and trace its outline with my tongue
do the same with your lower lip
and slip your tongue upon mine
they could dance in the air, between us they shall be
as I reach for you, you reach for me
and down our throats they go
the dancing tongues of love
of kisses, of matings
off we go


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