nobody’s watching as the silent hush fills the streets
and wanders the back roads to fill the streams
and jettys
she sees but does not hear the darkness
as it appears
it is lonely at the night as the feet grow cold
in the warmth of the bed
where is he, she wonders, what is he up to
she rolls onto her back as her eyes close the
hush again fills the room
it is not recognized in its silence
but yet, it is the one of everynight
who are you she murmurs from benath
the blankets
as she rolls onto her side the cat jumps off the bed
and onto the floor on all fours
and a breath of fresh air fills the room
but with it a chill
and a dream
riding the white horse through the wood
and around the rotary she reaches and grabs
the brass ring
around again and another ring
shiny and bright they are as she holds them to the light
a delight of the managerre
a bagutte on the table, a knife with a slice of cheese
she awakens to the sound of a hawk in mid stroke
gliding above the hare

I am not tired, there will be no sleep for me tonight
I sit here staring at this computer screen hoping some thought will come to me
but none does
lonely, no, but what then, no video, no news just this page
and what might come out of my head
nothing sexual, nor sensual, not a dream to be had
as I much on a pretzel I think… what next


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