I need to say, that I need to know, that you know
but I am not always sure that you do
is it me fighting you that puts the stop in place
is it everyone else with unknown faces that interfere
with you reading-feeling my mind

there are times that I need to know that you feel me
and I feel that you don’t feel me so
and other times I know you are there like a hawk hovering over a hare
what makes up the difference, who gets in the way, is it that
only one at a time can be felt, or am I just always ok

who or what can say their turn, all seem to need, all seem to feed
everyone who is everything has have to have its place
blank stares, big tears, shakes of unknown origin
there is only you so why should I feel the need to be the one
I don’t, I won’t, I’ll feel my way through, so what depress when others have their hue

I have a problem, I have a need, I have disjointed, I have to bleed
but I won’t, I never do I just need you to feel me when I feel for you


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