It is done…

to all who read, to all who follow, to all that just happen to be
let it be known to all of you that the freedom train has arrived for me
I am alone, in a little place that I can say and sigh
that for all those years, for all those tears, for all those lonely cries
I got my self up and out, and now I set up new

yes it is weird to be so quiet, to have no other there
but for all those years I felt the same way, now is better than where
I was in a house with she and feel so all alone
even though I wasn’t and we talked, and said, and did
what we did, did not do well, in fact it was not at all

that and many other reasons have led to this demise
I will not tell a lie, for that was one main reason that felt I had to fly
a story here, a lie over there all to make it seem
that I was living up to the expectations of the one that was my dream
but it caught up with me, I can do it no more, so here I am
in my flat, sitting with Chinese food on the floor

I am not sorry, I needed this, I want it to go on
even if I am quiet, I am lonely, even if I am bored
this is now my life, I did it and I am proud
for so many people, in so many lives, have so many fucked up years
I claim mine back, in my little flat, with no TV or score

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