The Jealous Guy

the tears they flow on this wonderful day
the blues have got them
the anger stays
the woman has changed
she has a new therapy
one that she needed all along
and I am just her love
she gave me too much
my heart aches with envy
we were the ones that saved her
from all grief of ones life
to continue on to live
but now
I am her lover, she is protecting me
from herself, wtf… do I not know already
have we not been there for so long
endless talks, forever tears, she and I would share
of all subjects that meant anything to her…
I am her lover, her cock, her man
slightly on the outside now
not demanding, not asking, but oh so wanting
to be let back in…
maybe I was not enough
could not get past that certain edge of her soul
maybe she needed someone to let her go
I disappoint myself, for not being there
for not being enough, for not the extra care
I am now lowered
to a level I care not be
I am the jealous guy
so take a good look at me

6 responses to “The Jealous Guy

  1. I look outside – the month of May
    the birds have shared some
    loud, grand displays
    in their love exchanged
    it seems they make fun of me
    in every single note of song
    even the most shy dove
    has a special touch…
    They’re in love – and can be
    even the shy one waved her
    wing – as if the new wife
    had something she could give
    but – how?
    She’s under cover – how can her lover see
    her shy wing – does it show – does he know she is ready?
    Has she not been there for so long?
    Endless songs, forever fears are waiting – will they share?
    On all subjects – will they both concur?
    He brings her twigs and grass – she’ll fan
    lightly with her wings just now
    not pretending, not basking – but oh so taunting…
    where has he been?
    oh, he’s brought the stuff
    she needed most to fill their nest – to house their soul
    maybe she needs some more – he doesn’t know…
    she doesn’t say it loud – but still he cares.
    she knows without a doubt he’ll always be there
    as the sun lowered
    and the night became a truth they’d see
    they gazed upon the glowing sky
    and found the love they knew would be…

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