Tell Me

Hello Sara,
just wanting to let you know that
I have moved into the apartment
well, studio apartment
500 sq feet, 1 room
shared by the futon
and the kitchen
a table is needed, will be got soon
I have left my wife, of 31
for my freedom
that will come, yes you know
more than some, but my friend
the woman of the north will be next
guaranteed, we just mean too much
to be ignored, just for the record
I was planning on leaving before we met
it just happened that way and soon we will be 1
but, allow me to ask you a Q
and this time I would truly like an answer
I want to know, did you return with full body movement
or are you somewhat paralyzed?
I refuse to listen to anyone but you,
what have you got my friend Sara
what do you have on your side…
can you move?
I read you email today
I hear your reply
I felt you cry
but yet
it made me smile,
knowing that emotions are there with you
don’t be mad about losing the memories
some are better off not being remembered anyway
do remember where you were, for one day we shall all return
but please tell me… what have you got…
movement? or not?

My love,


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