Die Again

here it is again
the one that wants to take me down
no, not go down
take me down
the old faithful
the migraine

it came on today
like a bat out of hell
swarmed around my head
as if I were the nest
for the newly released
bumble bees

the light is painful
the thoughts of communicating
hurts even more
even the thoughts of having thoughts
are enough to make me suffer

is this the curse of being
a dream catcher
I have heard that to be true
but only words that have past through
on that subject of pain

so what to do on this one
hide under the bed until night falls
close the eyes and sleep some more
hit the floor and give you twenty
or maybe a 2 x 4 would do

I thought while driving
if I just close my eyes
maybe the pain would go away before I hit
or maybe it won’t
but if I close and floor it
I could die…


One response to “Die Again

  1. You won’t be getting out of taking care of me that easily…

    I will work on the headache – you work on the things that are causing it.

    We will work on each other and all will be well…


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