She Is Mine

OMG tonight’s the night
I hear her calling my name
as she rises above the horizon
of a thousand tears
seeing her way above
and beyond the clear night
shining her at first yellow
and then blue glow
she calls
I make my way down to the shore line
I can see her just rising
so light, so clear, so loving
and I wait
up she comes
to the full
the flower moon
the seed raiser
the wonder of her
I wait
the beauty of this moon
out shines all others
she is the loving moon
and tonight she is all mine
I am already engulfed by her glory
swimming in her light
loving every inch she touches
and every inch she does
this is my moonlight
this is my love
I am her lover
have been for almost ever
but I have been
where others have only dreamed
I have had her
and will again
and will always
I am in love
with my


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