Her Full Flower Moon

I await her tonight
her glow that makes me wait so endlessly
just creeping through the night
till she finds the one she loves

I shall wait, I know she will appear
her warm fires that have a glow like no other
that feel like some warm tingle starting way down low
and as she slowly rises tho reach my lips
we kiss, that glow of glows

we kiss again, and again some more, and as we do
the light of her surrounds me in a faint blue
that starts to tighten it’s hug around me

she is here, I thank god for so, it is my moonlight
as she tightens more her lips upon mine
I find the place she hides from all others
she held it for me to enter, I am her lover

the full flower moon is like no other
it is with love that she comes above all others
and trickles down my lips
to find that place between my hips

all others are so jealous, or they should be
for no where in this world is there a love as good as she
my moon, my light, my flowers that bloom
tonight I plant my seeds
within that lovely full flower moon


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