Words Again

words are something I have never known
they have always been foreign to me
I say them, I write them
but never have they come from my soul
they come from my head
forced to make some sense
out of a world that is unknown
I have read words, they do flow well
into stories, poems, limericks
but me, I force everyone out
I want to be freeer with them
but it just doesn’t happen
when youth was here I flowed better
but that went with the way of ……
the buzz was always better than the word
for me
and all through life the word just was there
to tell others what to care, who, and how
then I coded two separate times
and from the last it has been a battle
from talking, reading, writing, thinking
alone was hard enough
but now
I want to write, I fight to write,
I need to write
and now…
I need words

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