why is it the words that bother you so
you question why to them
and not to others you
can’t recall

what was most important in your life
was it your words
that danced naked around you
and glided with you through each
layer of subterranean space

was it the people
the friends you made
and lost
others that came to replace…
once again lost and found
what was your true

where lies your emotion
on what ground can you speak
to me
or he
or her
or word
is what says it all
your words will open up your doors
they will speak when you can not
tell the truth when you are broken
speak no lies from whence they came

Take your words
dance with them
wear them as you would a ballroom gown
whisper their emotions through
the ears of others
words mean so…

your words, recognize her words,
those words together dance through
the nightshade, into the sun filled morning
dance the night away with your words, her words,
all words…
my dear
others will follow….


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