there are so many special things in this world
it becomes hard to know them all
one thing I do know though
is dead may not be death

many of us have come back
and most will tell you this is true
– if they don’t I will
we are never the same
in what we say, feel, and do

we may look it, they may say
how great it is, and you look
but they don’t know, and won’t
how beautiful it felt to stay

oh to go back is such a dream
and to understand that need is surreal
but yes I do and yes I can
and shortly you will too

we all do go, as I will again
but now I am here
so I make my life the best I can
and travel as I take care

I’m almost free from binds that I built on
this I have prayed for, for way to effin long
but with this comes my promise to me
that I shall be free forever more

no lies, no needs, no stories
to be told
only the truth will come from me
and how I see this cold, cold
world and how it has to be
my life, my story, my desire to be free


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