Sara Two

once the reaches of ones mind
recalculate the figures
rewire the mind
the flow will never be the same
new connections will need to be made
take this from here
reconnect it there
might that get a toe to wiggle
or maybe just a little tiggle
huh… a giggle?
lets figure this
ones never the same after
recognition, maybe
life feels weird
but feels

when your back again
they feel friend
but who
are you
lets just go back again
it was nice there
I think
I remember it well
not just thinking it
and pulling back I hear to say
I too wish I was there
but here I will stay

Let us talk, let us say
what others can not
I know as do the you
that now we can not play
reconnect here you say
what do we have then…
hmmm… is that my tongue
what about here
tingle, tangle, what a mess
some from the right connect to
some on the left
now what?


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