to my dear sarachild to whom I do not know
it is I, allan and I would like to tell you
that I understand what you say,
and the feelings that you say them with
and yes, I know, there aren’t many
your writings tell me so but please,
may I say and also let you know
that I too have felt no pain
and actually nothing at all

I don’t know what they tell you
or what your prognosis is
but with myself it seemed to say to me
come on back, the hard way
now, don’t get me wrong
for I am not saying it will
all I am saying is that I know
what your ‘non pains’ can do
for I my dear sarachild
have been there too

if you ever need to talk
I offer myself to you
and you should know
we share a friend
one that I love so
but now I write for you
and say I can relate more than others
for I have been yet am not any longer
with the no pain brothers

sarachild be strong with
the strength you can muster
write more when you can
your emotions come through
show the ones who care
how you actually feel
let them, let us share with you
and let your heart be bare

your soul is strong
that’s why you’re here
relax your spirit and let it share
in the light, the storms, the fears
you may come through, we need to see
no matter what, be it in tranquility

sarachild I await your word
for what you care to do
say hello
or pass it by
it is totally up to you
just know my support is there
your writings have shown your cares
and mine, well…
they are just there
but now I write for you
and hope that my support will do


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