Lets Make A Deal

OK, Hun, you let me do it,
you let me get weak,
you let me cry,
tear jerk like crazy,
you let me show you my other side
the one I hate to even know is there
I needed, I wanted, I so shared
every emotion I could muster
because she is coming back
Thank you but…
I myself am back again,
I have my strength
my powers,
my abilities once more
and I am ready for this fight
wherever it is going to go
but I ask of you love
be strong with me
if you are the love of my world
then hold yourself true to form
be stronger than the ones that like to tear you down
go to battle if you must,
caress them if you must,
tell them to shove off if you must
but don’t go down with them…

Deal time…
If I don’t , you won’t




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