in the heat of the night that slips so far away
into the light of the day that would be fine if it stayed away
I fear the forthcoming of the wall that will break
on the side of laughter, or the pain will make
out in the winds the changes come
the people, places, things of one
will no longer be the truth to seek
for away it will be on the back of the love one seeks
before it began, love was dying
there was just death being built up for crying
to die was timed not, for life did pursue
but over and over and over again I flew
I need peace, I need freedom, I need to tell no lies
I need to cry for all I did
and to die if I ever again…
Free me lord for I have sinned, take me to the place i belong
be it no one or some one matters not for naught
I just need to replay my thoughts
freedom, freedom, freedom oh please let me go…
to the house that ruth built or the one steve tore down
just let me be, let me go in peace, pray for my soul to heal
and let me live again without anyone to steal


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