Be Forewarned

be wary of me tonight
for tonight I am not the man you know
I have traveled so many roads
climbed to the heights of the mountains
seen the night skys fire
and yet tonight I feel my anger
that has hid inside for so long
I feel my frustration
that rides along is side
like a sucker along a fishes body
they travel together
and tonight they have arrived

Stay clear of me tonight
my feelings are to strong
and too indulged to be ignored
they have surfaced with the throws
of the gods, and the swish of the devils tail
and they are here with me now
reminding me of what I was
how angry I have been
how distasteful I have become

be aware of me child for I am mad
my lips quiver
my hands shake
my mind is numb from pain
and I brought it within myself
I took yours and made it mine
the problem is
I know this feeling all to well
I have lived with, loved with it
and hated it for each and every second
it enter my soul and better its keeping
into someones else’s hole than mine

I shall quit as its master
I shall bury its soul in my bed tonight
I shall not be the carrier of this on the morrow
but tonight, tonight I shall carry its sorrow
and be gone with it by morn…
be forsworn
tonight, I am not your man…
I am mad


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