I watched the sun arise today
as does happen in April and October
it rises at the end of my street
at the time of six twenty eight
as it rose I saw it start
just as a tiny dot of orange
in seconds it seemed to be
almost surreal, up from the oceans horizon
clouds floated from left to right
a slight fog above the waters line
a Tern on the beach, running the wave
as the sun rose higher a semi circle now
and its orange reflecting off the water
higher still it rose and rose
till the orange is turning yellow
a breeze comes from the west
a slight chill on my back
the seagulls have arrived
a walker is seen from a far
stops to pick up something
his dog is running along the waters edge
and the sun is rising still
quiet, ocean be heard
fully up from the waters line
and rising into the sky
to awaken all, even some dead
in awe from the night before


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