You Dumb Ass Mother Fucker

My life just hit the shitter… I can’t even plan a trip correctly anymore
Wrong day, wrong times, wrong monies… I totally fucked this up
Excuse me while I dispose of myself in the sands of dumb fuck land…You Dumb Ass Mother Fucker


2 responses to “You Dumb Ass Mother Fucker

  1. Dearest?

    If I talked to myself like that in front of you – what would you do?

    *sweet smile*

    I think we both know it would involve a bit of a chat – do we need to have one or will you just let up a bit and see some humor in this?

    The weather will be nice – it will be a beautiful drive and I wasn’t really wanting you to fly anyway. (you can give the speach about that one later so I can make you forget I mentioned it… 🙂 )


  2. Sigh…
    If you talked to your self like I talk to me I would first proceed to calm you down then I think I would laugh like hell!
    My Dear L.,
    There is a warning I place on this site for a reason because I curse a lot, and honestly I don’t care. That is the way I speak, mostly comes from where I come from and has been with me forever. Once when I was a kid I had this tiny desk calendar, the last page folded to cardboard, on that cardboard I wrote every possible curse word I could think of, I figured no body was ever going to look there anyway, wrong!
    Yes, I got punished but my father was laughing the whole time.
    Of course once I got into `the biz’ everybody was swearing at everybody so I felt right at home, and it has never left.
    Yes, I agree I could talk better, and at times I do, and at times I don’t so…


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