OMG I forgot all about PMS
I’m talking about really forgot!
I am talking with her, and suddenly a feeling
came over me that I had forgot all about
one that I know I had felt before
do I crawl inside, do I yell,
do I just back off and hope tomorrow
will be the better day
I backed out and left, with a slight attitude
of wtf just happened, it ain’t right…
I sign out.
take a deep breath
Shit, sign back on and apologize
did not mean to leave that way,
I am stronger than that
I can do better than that
I know you told me about it, and you have it
but I needed to feel it and I sure did…
It is ok, nothing I can not handle
and help you with
I love you
and let that in itself be my guide…


5 responses to “PMS

  1. P.S?

    What I find the most amusing is that you know my cycle better than I do…

    Another few months and you will be telling me when down to the hour.

    I’m not sure how to take that really –

    The fact that you actually notice my changes or care about the ‘why’ in such a way that you actually try to find out the reason is very humbling.

    I’m pretty sure its a first for me.

    You are the most patient man…



    • *sigh*
      I only go by what I have been told be you, your cycle follows the moons, so does my planting cycle. I always try to plant on a full moon and I need to plant Friday, and if you hold true to your word you will have come full cycle.

      Down to the hour I can not do, although it sounds like a fun challenge, hmmm… I must look more into this đŸ˜‰

      For me it is always, the more I know, the better I can be, and I can be better, I have already seen some flaws in myself and I `need’ to correct those in order to fulfill my dream.

      A first for you?

      I like that…

      patience? Always… I have to be for my own good, and now for yours


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