It’s been One Of Those Days

Some days are just better than others…
All my life I have tried to stay away from being tied down to a desk, and I have done a pretty damn good job of it, but today… oy! It seems like all I have done was to be chained to this desk, be let go to go to the bank twice, or was it three times, and back to the desk again. *sigh* Granted there are/were reasons but cu`mon! this is ridiculous.
The morning was voluntary, she need to talk and so did I, so we did. Then came the lunch break and I ran to the bank, grabbed some lunch, a sub since you want to know, then home. She was no where to be found so I started paying bills, tracking down packages that have yet to arrive, check on her, write emails, then I was going to, well… and there is a knock on the door. It is the cleaning crew an hour early! so I grab the rest of the sub and lock myself in the study. The cleaning fumes and noise bugs me out… so here I am for another 2 hours checking on her, writing other web site information, throwing away old papers…
When the cleaning crew left, I run to the bank again to cover the payments of the bills I just paid, back home, check emails again… and just as I say enough, I am getting off this comp. the goochat bonk happens! It is she and I am happy, but she is not because S2 is off somewhere unknown. Fuck…
Did I say it was one of those days, and did I mention that I am horny as all fuckin hell and porn vids don’t help anymore… Thanks Darlin… 🙂
Oh well, if I was Portnoy I would go and find a piece of liver and complain about it… but I am not so I’ll just deal…


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