Please Allow Me #3

I met wife #1 in high school, we got along great. She was about 5’1″ overweight, Jewish, and needed sex, I just needed sex. We screwed our way through high school and after graduation we went to different colleges. Me in Boston and she down to Washington D.C. I would drive down, or when I had the money, fly down to DC whenever I could. There were some goood time down there, she went to American Univ. and that was a more serious school but still a party school, hell… every school was a party school at that time, 1973. AU would have a spring party on the main lawn each year and I got down to see Peter Frampton paly one year. She stay for four years and became an accountant, while I was going to school for electronics and beating down doors in NYC to get into the studios there. She, Mindy btw, came back home and was living with her parents as I was with mine. I got a job working for a high speed duplication plant, that made cassettes, going to school and met a girl that I liked a lot and seeing Mindy. Sound like trouble yet? I saw this girl, Rosemary, for two years, fell for her, and was planning on getting married to Mindy. Honestly, I did not want to marry her but I felt (dumb statement here) I owed it to her since we were together for so long. OY!
Cut story short here: I found an apartment, made marriage arrangments, yea, a nice big Jewish wedding, kept dating Rosemary. I actually told her that the marriage was not going to last three years but she didn’t believe me and the night before I was to be married, Rosemary left me. đŸ˜¦
and I got married.
So here we are, honeymoon in the Bahamas, alls going well, I get a job in a studio called Media Sound, she gets one with Chase Manhatten Bank and we are on. A year or so into married life I start getting these back pain, no body could diagnose. So, the doctor sent me for a CT scan. What they found looked like to them was a tumor on my brain, but an arteriogram show that it was an AVM. I was 25 at this time, I was working at Hit Factory at the time and just finishing the Double Fantasy album. Not remember I was the tech on this not the engineer or producer. The doctor I was seeing was the team of Michelson and Hillel out of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NY. I was told my options, and if I did not have surgery done I woud have less than two years to live. Hmmmm… The surgery was to have the blood vessel embolized by dropping little glass pellets into the vein to block it off and then wait for the AVM to shrink, send me up to Boston and have it obliterated with a photon beam. I am serious! so… said ok to the surgery.
Meanwhile, I changed jobs when the Lennon session was over and move over to the Power Station, the #1 studio in NY at the time. Still married and this thing is growing in my head. All was going well when one night at work the phone rings in the shop. Tech remember… It was the studio manager of a studio in New Jersey asking me if I could possibly spare some tape reel flanges. Their studio was working on their first `big’ project and they ran out of them. Now, this was an analog world then and P S had gazillions of reel flanges, and I told her I could and she freaked on me thanking me ever so much and it there was anything she could ever do, and on, and on. I asked her to hold it and just tell me where her studio was since lived in NJ anyway I could bring them by on my way home from work. Now I worked the night shift and I was in early when I answered the phone so I left early that night, around 3am, and found this little studio with their first big hit in East Orange NJ. She, Julie, was still there and thanked me like crazy, I tried to calm her down but she was as antsy as a …. So we sat down and talked till dawn, and as I was getting ready to leave she asked if I ever do any freelance work, I said sure I do and she offered me a gig fixing their studio. Cool, I liked her and now I could make some more money.
Julie defiantly had work for me to do, and lots of it, everything from fixing their tape machine, working on their console, to redesigning their studio. I was their a lot, and working at night in the city. there was one day that I was finished helping their place, Julie would always wait till I was done and lock up the studio. We left, Julie locked up, we got into our cars and started to pull away when I signaled to Julie to stop, i had a question for her. She stopped, I got out of my car, went over to hers and signaled her to roll down her window, she did and asked what’s up, I bent down, stuck my head in the window and kissed her… and kissed her again, and turned around and left.
I have no idea what she thought as I got into my car and left for NY, I looked in my mirror and she was still sitting in the parking lot. But, that was it… it was the beginning of our affair.
So now, I would go to work at night, leave work around 3, be at Julies place by 3:30am, fuck till 8am, she would go to work, I would go home, get some sleep, be up by 5p have breakfast dinner with Mindy and leave for work by 10p and get into this cycle of work, fuck, sleep, eat, work…
It got to the point where Julie would visit me at nights at work, screw sometimes, meet at 3a when the after hours places would open, leave there by 7 so she could get to work and I home, get up early to work at her studio, work, play, kiss like crazy, work at PS fuck at 3 home by 9, up eat….
you get the picture… and then, the brain surgery


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