First Attempt

Last night was the night, I felt the wind fly by,, I had heard about it, been warned about it, and now I saw it.
She threw her first knife at me, came by with just a slight graze, no pain at all, well, just a touch of it but nothing that can not be handled. Hell, not even a band-aid is needed from this knife, it is just the fact that she did it. I must have stepped into the kitchen when she wasn’t looking and whooshhh there it went past me and is now sticking out of the wall. I am going to leave it there as a memory of her love that means so much to me, and continue on. I mean, common, I have cut myself worse shaving than what she threw at me yesterday, it was just the surprise that she did…

There were many questions and explanations and I understand perfectly why but do remember this, it is I and I am me, I will not promise a thing to you unless/until my promise can be kept. I shall not mislead you, nor will I lie to you, your strength is growing in amazing amounts since our first communique and I am sure it will continue to do so, I love you and whether our lives travel together or not is the only thing that remains to be seen.


2 responses to “First Attempt

  1. Sorry love – let me put some ointment on that…

    Please forgive me.

    I thought you were someone else for a second and my reflexes got the better of me.

    Maybe you should do the chopping and cutting for a while.

    I don’t trust myself around sharp objects right now…

    Good thing I realized it was you at the last second – I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn’t recognized you.


  2. lets just say that I wanted to see that aim of yours anyway… not that bad

    I will be glad to chop and cut for you, just know I will be slower than you are used to
    as I like my fingers…

    Love and hugs

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