She asked Me

What will freedom give you?
What will you ask of it?
Is it something you are willing to say?

I want from it the freedom to never have to hide anything again
to be able to speak freely without having to pre think what I am about to say
and to be able to respond with truth to whatever is said to me even if it is hard on the other person to
and it should give me the ability to explain myself if am misunderstood

It is a desire that I so want and need to have happen in my life and I shall make it so.


7 responses to “She asked Me

  1. Then do me a favor?

    Words can hide things that actions won’t.

    Anyone can speak.

    Anyone can find just the right word…

    There are very few who are willing to back it up.

    If you have something you need to say –

    If it is important to you-

    If it must be understood…?

    Don’t let words come between what you want and what you need.

    If in doubt – throw the fucking words out and kiss me dammit.


    Love you,

    • It is not just a matter of anyone can,
      some are much better than others
      it is being able to see the truth
      through the bull shit
      and even still some are better at this
      the importance to me will always be the truth
      the love, the belief in each other…
      fuck the words, give me touch, give me strength
      give me a solstice of sweet perfumes, a moonlight upon my shoulders, and above all…
      and give me you

  2. There are so many things I wish I could just make go away forever…

    So many things I would take back if I knew who and what I was sharing them with.

    ‘Me’ will take one day at a time but I’m healing up much faster and will be so much better if I could just get this knife out of my back.

    I’ll even let you stitch up the hole if you don’t mind me screaming a bit…

    ‘Touch’ won’t be as casual or meaningless as, say – a lap-dance or lip service from a professional (or hobbyist) in the art…

    and the strength will be coming to you in spite of what (or whom) would bring me to my knees rather than because of it…

    and every time the bullshit hits the fan I may need you to wipe off my glasses so I can see through it because I am really tired of being shit on by those who are higher and mightier than me because of their – extreme – and – amusingly enough – unquestioned integrity…

    today – I can give you this –


    and whoever wants to watch – fine – if they are people who ever actually cared as much as they once professed, they would be happy that I was finally able to take a tiny step towards what they said I should do from the start.

    Find someone I can love.

    The only surprise here is that you can love me back.

    Just the way I am.

    Thank you.


    • there is no other you for me than you, and yes i will stitch you up, and you can scream all you want for the one thing I know is that you are healing from from where you’ve laid and will always be, be it one tiny step at a time or a giant leap into my arms, we shall be together.

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  4. I’d rather just turn back time and erase…

    But I am no longer part of it all – and yes, I know it will get easier.

    I just have to get used to living without my blood, my guts and my heart.

    Oh – and there was one more thing I lost but I’m not missing that much.

    Start with a blood transfusion and I’ll work from there…

    (a living dead girl needs to start somewhere – might as well be at the end)

    I said I would try but I didn’t say it wouldn’t make me cry.


  5. you are always free to cry, to miss what you once had, and to wish it all back but, it is important to remember where you were left, how hard it hurt, and to grow out of that pain into something new. The pain will always be there, any time you want hurt just pay them a visit, they will be very happy to knock you down, or visit me and I will be very happy to help you build back up. Just remember all is your choice and you chose to live again…

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