Oh Man…

Oh you have no idea, or maybe you have a very good idea
your writings are hitting me square on, could not have been aimed better
Awakening is telling me what I have known for years and that the time is coming
for the end to be
Janis… JANIS, fuck, I still love that bitch,
she felt it, needed it, told it, did it and at 16 could have had me in a flash
dope, no dope it did not matter, hell that year was nothing but dope for me
she with did Southern Comfort with it, I was Tequila with beer chasers
I saw here once perform at Shea Stadium in NYC and that is something I have not forgotten
and I am sure I never will
I have something I want to do with someone that will bring upon us nothing but truth
and we are both willing to try… *sigh* I need truth so bad, I never want to tell another lie
and she is feeling the same… if done totally in truth it I know it could and will work

Wish us all the luck, and let us keep the truth alive!


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