Well there I was, my day was done, and I was talking some shit with a colleague
telling the story of how I feel, OK I said, from the double seizure day
when there she was walking right past us, to be on her merry way
we kept talking, she kept walking on her merry way.
A return she did, there she was again our eyes met square and nothing
was the response from me
she kept walking, not a word was spoke, not even a nod to each other.
I thought she wanted to say something and might have if I were alone,
but I am glad I wasn’t for I did not give,
this time, unlike all the others.
That was the last I saw of her, her beauty seems to have faded
she was wearing black, and looked lonely ill, and possibly a bit jaded
but this time went and so did I to deal with the display
and she? Who knows but the lonely do go
to tweeterville and that’s where she goes to play


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