Just had to…

What to do when the marriage turns
into a sexless marriage
Does one turn and head for the hills
to find a sheep or maybe a carriage
Some say deer are fine
but I think I would rather
have an ostrich as mine
or if I am all alone
I could masturbate
while on the phone
or go on line and catch a vid
where there were once tapes
that had to be hid
Once, twice, three times a day
be it dry, or with some lotion
sure it could be done until
discovering the perfect motion
Wouldn’t it be very funny
if Dr Seuss had a honey
that would not when he would want
and he would have to go pay money
or stand alone in the shower
to lather up real good
he could get as hard as a tower
and cum on his own as he should


2 responses to “Just had to…

  1. If this has anything remotely to do with green eggs and ham you have some explaining to do.
    Having said that – far be it from me to interfere with a good shower scene – I’ll just back out of the bathroom slowly and pretend I didn’t see a thing.

    That way there won’t have to be that awkward silence at the breakfast table tomorrow…


    • If you were in the bathroom at the same time I really don’t think masterbation would be an issue… and kindly do not back out… *great big smile*

      Nothing to do with green eggs or ham…

      Why silence anyway… can you not talk about the needs of the human race and their desires?

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