Last morning I woke with the realization that I am free
free from her spell that held my soul so tight
the curse that was laid upon me two years ago is now gone
with the help of the Great Lady of the North
my heart is breathing life once again

I shall never forget what had happened to me
and how the love was so great and true
but it was only that way for me, certainly not for you
however still i held it so close
never wanting to give it up, screaming no to its demise
but now I have, and always will, I won, you lost so go

My veins will remind me that you are there
my lungs will breath your scent
my eyes will see your face
my hands will feel your breasts in love
remembered in the past

So go, take off leave me on this day
I am free of you for now and ever
go to the other worlds you play
as I breath freely and say
ty to the Great Lady of the North
and the secrets of love she shared

I am free!


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