Love Is

Love is
what love was
what love can be
but will not be
Love is
my first love
or is it my second love
maybe my third
she I married
only to not know who I am
no kids, no time, no one
but a new one
a mistress she could be
but marry we did
and fly within the stars
together we are
but light is dull
except for the light of death
which will not come
so thirty years on
a fourth love came
and went so fast
baarely an eye blink
was gone
thirty is what thirty was
and I am half of me if that
heart was broken
body is shit
brain is tired
love is…
why and who are you
who writes to my heart
why now, why again, why at all
my new old friend
we know each other
have once had been
together as lovers, brothers, mothers
sisters, and kin
is this a friend, is this a new
is this..
is this…
is this…..


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