Excuse me…

Excuse me while I take my BALLLS out of my ass!
Excuse me while I thought it would make a difference
Excuse me if I dreamnt that she would be here
Excuse me for thinking that she would even give a shit
Excuse me when the sun don’t shine
Excuse me if I still think she is mine
Excuse me if am still at home
Excuse me for feeling so fuckin alone
Excuse me when I want to cry
Excuse me because I want to die
Excuse me for whackin it, since no one else does
Excuse me for not cumming for you
Excuse me I am going home
Excuse me for now you are all alone
Excuse me if I don’t care
Excuse me ohhh look, I am growing a scab

3 responses to “Excuse me…

  1. Careful there Tex – you keep swinging them around like that and people are gonna start thinkin’ that the bat may be their only defense…
    I have lousy aim btw (just thought you’d like to know)


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