Welcome to ME!

Welcome me back to me
find yourself again if you would
Let the torture run its course
find the other way
you know it’s there
you’ve been led its way
it is building and protecting
scabbing, blistering, feeling its way
just please be strong enough to say
I’m back, in a weaker kind of way
I’m back, with new strength this day
I’m back, what else can I say
I’m back
thanks M. L.

2 responses to “Welcome to ME!

  1. Welcome back Al.

    Nice to see you.


    Now – tell me more about the D series if you will (as I left a comment there)

    How have the pieces weathered the time? Was that gesso enough to carry the weight of the denim without warping the board (or was canvas used throughout the series?)

    • Nice to see you too M. L.

      The D series indeed was only my old jeans, yup DNA. They are all on canvas and the gesso has and will be enough to hold the weight, as long as enough gesso was used. The early problem was due to the weight the stretcher bars would warp. Well, it was a combination of the weight and the fact that everytime I worked on a piece I would wet down, soaking wet, the denim the throw the paint on and stop just before it turned to mud, come back a few days later and wet it down again and continue. I did this process on the first one and came in one day and the stretcher bars warped. I had to go and get a solid board and screw it to the back to flatten it out again. From that point on I used heavy duty stretcher bar and had no problems.


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