So what is it that makes me think I miss her
is it the fact that I think about her everyday
about how she whispered in my ear that she loved me
that I can still feel her in my arms
see the smile in her eyes
feel the touch of her lips upon mine
know that for the first time
I was truly in love
Or is it the fact that I have her no more
she left me for she was too close
closed the door and remove the key
never to be seen or heard from again
those eyes will never see mine
nor will she see my tears
she will only remember my embrace
if I am lucky
but she will remember my dismay
which led to my anger
which closed the door totally for me
It might be the adage that
absence makes the heart grow fonder
but this absence makes my heart pain so
way too much and way too long
but it does
it may be just the memory that I long for
about how good it was and how great it felt
and yes this love is just a memory
and it is living in my memory motel
a memory of a love
that used to mean so much to me


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