Someone Else’s Blues

Who am I kidding, these are my blues and no one else’s.
I awoke this morning with them, and I can’t shake them off. I pray to whoever there is to pray to that no one else ever ends up with these blues. They absolutely suck. I know why I have them, there is no need to guess, I know what they are about, again no guessing here, I just know everything except how to get rid of them.
It happens every day, every night, every free moment of my mind, she is there, and I remember everything!
Some days i can deal with it, other days I dwell in it, today I am shitting in it.
I still love this fuckin cunt! I can’t get rid of her, no matter what I do or think she is still/always within me, and never with me and that my friends is what hurts the most.
Excuse me while I go and shed some more inner tears for the outer ones I can not allow the world to see.


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