There is no help in this blog
none for me anyway
there is only a release
a way for me to get my thoughts
out of my head and onto something
I can check back with from time to time
So, here I am again, wishing for some help
needing someone to come along and say
“Yo dude, every things going to be ok…”
yea, right…
How can everything be ok when nothing seems right at all?
I have entered a new phase, separation
Which is fine, at least I am alone and feeling lonely
crying out for a love that is not there, once again
she has appeared, keeping me up all night, I get up
and walk the floor, kicking myself at how I let that love
affect my life so much
And now, what now, I have been offered a farmhouse with acreage
to raise my allium but at this point it is a, so what…
do I really care, do I want to do that anymore?
eh… I don’t fuckin know
all I wanted was love, all I got was partial…
Hey! any one out there care to sex me up? Don’t bother…
I will probably fall in love with you and my heart will get broken again
so please, just stay away
and let me live my own private hell while you read about it
whoever you are…

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  1. This one sounds like I could have written it…

    Something about mixing the spiritual with the physical seems to sculpt love from the dust of passion.

    It isn’t a bad thing – until it starts to smoke and you realize that you are burning in your own fire.

    That’s always the part that sucks.


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