Life sucks and then you…

It has become a battle ground at home, we are fighting all the time over the smallest, stupidest things and it is becoming incredibly hard to handle. I am in pain and she wants to heal me but can’t because we fight too much. Not a good situation.
I am at the point where after 29 years I am ready to end this, go on in my life, alone, and deal with my own shit.
She has finally fallen into a field of work that she loves, is making a living from it, so I don’t have to worry about that. There are no children so no concern there. It is just the two of us so…wtf! Time to go.
If it can end peacefully it would be ideal, we could remain friends, go on with our lives but that will never happen, not with her and of this I am sure. So, what to do? Become enemies, have a bitter divorce, hurt more from that? Yup, that is the way to go.
Wish me luck for I will need it to get through this.


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